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Web Designer + Developer
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Web Designer + Developer


From digital image editing to print media design and web design.  I have over 15 years experience using Adobe software to create beautiful pieces for companies and individuals.


The real joy for me is in the development! A logical, analytical mind made for problem solving.  Turning my designs into websites was the turning point in my career!


And 10 years in SEO, email martkeing, social media and PPC advertising.  I’ve taken on campaigns and assisted with strategies from all corners of digital marketing.


  • HTML5 90%
  • CSS3 90%
  • PHP 60%
  • MYSQL 50%
  • JQuery 40%
  • Javascript 30%
  • SASS 10%
  • Adobe Photoshop 90%
  • Adobe Brackets 95%
  • Adobe Illustrator 60%
  • Adobe InDesign 60%
  • Adobe Bridge 95%
  • Adobe Dreamweaver 95%
  • Microsoft Suite 90%
cms + social media
  • Wordpress 90%
  • WooCommerce 90%
  • Instagram 80%
  • LinkedIn 80%
  • Hootsuite 70%
  • Facebook 80%
  • SEO 90%
  • Google Analytics 70%
  • Google AdWords 70%
  • Facebook Ads 70%
  • SEO Website Optimisation 90%
  • Email Marketing 70%

Work experience

2017 – Present

Web Designer | Digital Marketing | Digital Design

Self employed / Freelance work

I left my previous position in January 2017 in order to spend the year travelling Australia.  I spent 10 months on the road while also maintaining my freelance work in web design, digital design and taking on SEO clients for ongoing campaigns.  


2014 – 2017

Web Designer

Practice Advantage

During my 3 years here I was responsible for maintaining current websites to ensure they were displayed correctly across all media, performed correctly and were optimised for SEO.  As well as this I was responsible for designing new websites from scratch using Adobe Photoshop and developing these sites as custom WordPress themes.  

2009 – 2014

Web Designer | Digital Marketing | Digital Design

Self employed / Freelance work

After leaving my previous manager position I continued to work as a Freelance Digital Image Editor, this progressed into my expanding my digital skills and learning SEO, email marketing and then website design and development.  Through this time I was also involved heavily in social media marketing, going on to writing and teaching social media marketing skills at a private colledge in Sydney and having a reacurring article in monthly small business magazine StartUp.


2004 – 2009

Digital Production Manager


Not only the digital production manager, but the administration manager, customer service managager and production manager.  I looked after a team of over 60 people, both in house and outsourcers.  Ensuring that work was produced on time, at the highest of standards, all in the while keeping our customers happy and well informed. 

some of my work

My portfolio is best seen in full on my business page – Very Simple Websites

a little about me

A little bit tech, a little bit gym, a little bit beach life. I’m an English born and bred, Sydney sider with a passion for everything web. I take on freelance work for everything from simple digital design, to new website developments and long term digital marketing campaigns. I excell in areas I’m pushed to grow in and I am constantly hungry for new ideas to implement, and new technologies to adapt into my work.

At home I’m a gym junkie, lover of outdoors and good food.

I’ll be out somewhere, active and well fed, surrounded by 1 or 200 good people and no doubt on my 2nd or 3rd coffee. I’m about sci-fi, salt water, occasional home cooking and creating pretty things either on my computer or just plain ole simple with my hands and sweat.





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